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Is 10gauge/4conductor cable ok for 60 foot generator connection cord?

Is 10gauge/4conductor cable ok for 60 foot generator connection cord?


Old 05-25-06, 11:20 AM
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Question Is 10gauge/4conductor cable ok for 60 foot generator connection cord?

Hi folks,

I have a 5500 watt generator. I am installing a transfer switch in my garage next to my main fuse panel of my home. I need to have about 60 feet of cord between my generator and where it needs to plug in.

The longest cable I have found is 50 feet but I need 60 feet (might be able to get away with 55 feet) so I am going to make my own with nema male and female connectors. Basically I am just wondering if 10/4 cable will be fine with this? Also, is the output of a 5500 watt generator 20 amp or 30 amp typically?

this is the cord I plan on using...

If you click the link you will see it shows a spec sheet for the 10/4 cord. It says the "ampacity" is only 20 on this cable if longer than 50 feet. What do you think?


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Old 05-25-06, 11:30 AM
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I think the link you supplied is no good. Therefor I cannot comment on the cord.

The generator probably has it's own circuit breaker, rated at 20 amps, and that the generator is rated at 5500 watts peak. However, you can figure this out by reading the specs of the generator.

10 gage should be fine for 20 amps at that distance.
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I just want to head up with this link it was bad link and i can't get into also so please correct this link.

5500 watts genny useally have built in main breaker in there so you really can't overload it.

The cord and distance you should be ok with that long cord and it will be about 20 amps [ it will get little warm anyway ]

I came up 5500 watts = 22 amps so you can run up to about 5,000 watts total load but a head up make sure you have " balanced load "

for most small genny that mean you have balance about 2500 watts per " leg " one line to netural and same thing with second hot line to netrual.

Merci, Marc
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Thanks for the replies...

Sorry about the link..hopefully it will work now.


BTW, the generator is 5500watts with 8850 surge/peak.

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