Bathroom electrical problem!


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Red face Bathroom electrical problem!

All outlets/fixtures were working fine until yesterday when I flipped the ceiling light switch. It appeared/sounded like a bulb popped. I replaced the bulbs (there are 3) but no light. I tried the fixture/recepticle over the sink and nothing there either. The switch for over the sink fixture has recepticles next to it but are not controlled by the switch. This is a newly remodeled bathroom and everything has been working great for the past month. What could it be that would trip both lighting sources? I checked the breaker several times. It works, because I have other lights working in other rooms on the same breaker. They work when it's on. It seems to be isolated in the bathroom only.
The new ceiling fixture was attached to existing wiring and the over the sink recepticle/switch box was just moved over and wired the same as original but we extended wiring to move it over. All was well earlier?????Can you help?
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Well lets start at the beginning.

1. When you extended the wires, I hop you did so properly, and did not place a wire splice inside the wall or otherwise make it inaccessible. If you did this then you need to fix it NOW.

2. It sounds like you did not comply with code when you remodeled the bathroom. You should have placed the receptacle on it's own dedicated circuit. If you neglected to install a separate circuit, you should fix this.

Now to your problem. It sounds like a GFCI tripped. Did you at least install a GFCI receptacle? IS the light wired AFTER the receptacle? Did you check the GFCI to see if it was tripped?

What else is on this circuit? Is there a GFCI anywhere on the circuit?

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