changeing thermostats in a mobile home

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changeing thermostats in a mobile home

hi, i own a 1990 sunbelt moblie home. i have a regualr thermostat, and im wondering how hard it would be to change to a digital programmable thermostat. plus does anyone reccomend it? i have central air and heat if that makes a diffrence. any input is greatly appricated.

thank you
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It is not very difficult at all. The only real issue is that a regular thermostat typically does not have a 24 volt common wire run to it, since is only switches the loads it does not need constant power.

A digital thermostat requres constant power and you have two choices. Either get a 24v common to the new stat, or use a battery powered stat. The disadvantage to the battery powered stat is obvious.

Depending on the exact situation you may have a spare wire in the cable that runs to the thermostat from the rest of the system. You will need to track this cable down to its other end and hook up the spare wire to a 24v common, or run a cable with enough wires in it and re-make all of the connections.

The next issue is that different manufactures use different methods of marking their devices. Also, some mfgs don't use regular t stats, they use stats that look like regular t stats but they have pots (a pot is a topic of its own, I will not get into that here) in them instead of switchs. If you want to post the make and modle of you unit I can try to look up the specs for you.

Since most t stats do not use pots the next step is to identify the purpose of all of the existing wires and just make sure you hook them up correctly to the new stat.

a typical configuration could be:
Red 24 volt always hot R
Green Fan G
Yellow Compressor start Y1
White Heat or E heat W
Orange/Blue Reversing valve (heat pumps only) O/B
Blue/Brown 24 volt common C

Do a little research and post back here. Someone will be able to help you walk through this simple task.

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