Outdoor BBQ Electrical question


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Outdoor BBQ Electrical question

I am in the middle of building an outdoor BBQ Island and plan on having 1 electrical outlet in the backsplash and 5 inside the island to run a fridge, BBQ rottisserie and stereo.

I currently have a 20 amp GFI plug outlet behind the island on the exterior of my home. I plan on adding an extender box to the outlet to bring it inside the back on the BBQ Island.

I then plan on doing a daisy chain to a series of 6 new outlets.

Question #1,

Between Box #4 and #5 can I splice another wire to a light that is controlled by a toggle switch. IE. an extra wire in the Hot and the Neutral piptails? Or should I consider the light another link in the chain and add another box for the connection?

Question #2

I want box #6 to be controlled by a switch. Is it better to have it at the end of the chain to prevent the switch from controlling any of the other links? Also for clarification, I should hook up the white wire to the plug outlet and then run the black wire to the switch and then use the white wire to connect back to the outlet with black tape around it. This plug is going to control low voltage outdoor lighting and low voltage under counter lights.


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I think that you should consider replacing the run from the house with a multi wire circuit. A 20 amp multi wire circuit will probably handle your needs.

You might also consider a small sub panel, but that may be more than you need.

Every connection you make must be in a junction box. To avoid junction boxes that serve no purpose (other than the splice), I recommend that you just tap one of the receptacle boxes.

Where you put the switched receptacle makes no difference. If you wire things properly nothing else will be switched. When making a switch loop, the black wire should be the switched hot wire, and the white wire (re-identified as hot) should be the always hot wire.
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Thanks Racraft,

The GFI is straight from the panel, do you think it should be enough?

Thanks for your help. I just wanted to be sure.
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GFCI alter-ego

Connecting lighting circuits to receptacles has never been popular and since GFCIs are easily annoyed with well anything that it isn't specifically for what it is designed (except happily sitting in a two-wire ungrounded environ-from-yesteryear) it is in my experience taxing enough to avoid pre-existing potential pitfalls in downstream electrical characteristics. Here's a link with pictures and diagrams as well as lessons learned from GFCI vs everything that may lead you to think home run at every junction with a smile and an open wallet. Good luck!http://www.codecheck.com/gfci_principal.htm ~Steve

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