What happened to my power circuits?


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What happened to my power circuits?

When I turned on my vacuum cleaner (plugged in my living room), the lights dimmed, then went out completely and I lost all power in my living room.

Now (I've since put away the vacuum cleaner), the lights work again but they're very dim. If I take a lamp from another room and plug it into the living room, the lamp is much dimmer than normal.

So it seems like the power circuit in my living room isn't providing as much power as it should? How do I go about diagnosing/fixing this?
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I would think you have a loose connection in the wiring. I would start with turning off the power to any circuit you are going to work on.

Then remove the recep the vacuum was plugged into and look at the wire joints to be sure they are clean and tight. Make sure the wires are tight on the recep as well. If this does not fix it, continue like this at all the affected junction boxes and possibly ebding up at the panel itself. Be careful here. If you are not familiar with electrical panels, there are many places in there that can hurt/kill you. Find somebody with some familiarity with electrical work to assist you.

If you can handle it, make sure all connections are tight.

WARNING: even if you turn off the main breaker, where the wires enter the main breaker will still be energized. See advice above.
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You may need to check every junction box on the circuit, those that work and those that don't work.

As you are checking, remake ALL wire nutted connections and move any back stabbed connections to screw terminals.
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Well, it turned out to be a fuse in the apartment's power room. (...doh, my original post didn't mention I lived in an apartment)

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