Cheap remote photocell for lazy bum


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Cheap remote photocell for lazy bum

I have an outdoor light under a metal awning that I want to control with a photocell. It's too dark under the awning for the photocell to turn off the light except in direct sunlight.

Option #1
Mount a photocell in the side of the awning and run a cord into the fixture base with a strain relief. I've seen remote photocells for lighting transformers that would do this but they seem to cost $50 or more. Is there a cheaper one somewhere?

Option #2
Mount a photocell on an existing exterior box and run wire thru existing conduit to the fixture. Not hard but I would have to clean out a closet to get at some pullboxes.

Any other options I am overlooking? Thanks.
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My cost for an 1800 watt photo cell mounted on a weatherproff cover plate is about $9. They are available in the big box/warehouse stores.
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Consider your cost for labor and materials in the second instance, and you might find the $50 worth it.
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Thanks for the responses.

I am either doing that or something else from the bottomless job jar, so the cost of my time in the real world is not really relevant. I have to take the awning off Monday so I can get a dump truck in the driveway. I don't remove it often but simpler is better. I am leaning toward running thru the conduit, which will be more work but less complicated, if that makes any sense.

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