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Question Wire Size Question

I am putting in a new hot tub. I know that it requires 6 3 wire with a 50 amp GFI breaker. My question is... I have this type of wire and want to find out if it is of correct size. It was used for another hot tub that was here but I want to check to make sure that it is correct type for this new tub. The other was only 110 and the new one is 220.

On the wire is printed... Alcan S Stabiloy Type SE Style II XHHW CDRS 600 Volts 3 CDRS 6 AL (UL). I know what most of the coding means but I am not sure if the 3 CDRS 6 AL means that this actually a 6 3 wire or not. With the price of wire now so high I was hoping that this wire is the correct type that I need for the new hot tub. This may sound a little stupid to those is the know but the only stupid question is one not asked. And I don't want to have a possible hazard if it can be helped.

Thanks in advance for any help with the above.

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While that cable is good for 50 amps I doubt you can use it for the tub.
99% of all tubs I have done or seen have required copper wire. Yours is aluminum.

Even if it does not specifically state to use CU wire I would in this instance.

In ANY case, you CANNOT use this cable outdoors for a spa feed. The fact is that you MUST use an insulated ground conductor for the outdoor portion of a spa feed. This means individual conductors in conduit.
That cable has a bare ground.
Also, the cable in question sounds like SEU, which is two insulated plus a bare. SER has three insulated plus a bare.

Are you aware of all the other codes regarding spas???
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I am going to agree with speedypete on reguarding on the type of wire.

the wire you got the " SE " cable is wrong kind to wired to the spa tub the reason why because the grounding wire is bare and the code say it have to be insluated ground wire.

you have to check with your local code they are pretty strict with the tub set up and a quick head up have a disconnection switch 5 feet away from the tub so please think about this ahead of the time to correct this mistake here.

Merci, Marc

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