Can I run an extenison cord through conduit?

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Can I run an extenison cord through conduit?

I have a aboveground pool. The filter sits about 25 feet from the house. Right now I have a orange outside extenison cord running across the lawn from the filter to the back of my house. I want to sink a 4x4 next to the filter and put a no-fault electrical box on it so I can plug my filter into that. From there, I want to run 3/4" plastic conduit underground to the house. Can I run 16/3 orange extenison cord through this conduit?
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Pools have many regulations in the US.

The NEC requires they be on a dedicated 20 amp circuit. The circuit, at least the outside portion, must be GFCI protected and be individual conductors in conduit with an insulated ground.

The pump must be bonded to the pool and any other metal within five feet of the pool with #8 solid copper wire.

The pump must have a twist lock plug. The connection to the plug must be at least five feet from the pool, using an in-use cover.

You need a convenience receptacle located at least 10 feet, but not more than 20 feet from the edge of the pool.

There are more regulations. ALL of which must be followed.

A pool is not a job for an amateur, at least not without proper learning first.

Also, an inspection is a must. Even if an inspection is not required where you live, get one anyway.

Electricity and water together can cause death. You could be held criminally responsible if someone is hurt or killed you have an improper installation.
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Would this still hold true for the cheaper above ground pools?
They have no metal parts so there would be nothing to ground too. Also the pumps just have a regular 3 prong plug and since they hang on the plastic pool wall it wouldn't make sense [to me ] to hard wire the pump.

I don't know what type of above ground pool grantiman has but would think that regulations and common sense would differ from the cheap $200 pool to the nicer somewhat permament above ground pools.

I know any plug in remotely associated with moisture should be GFI no matter what was code at the time of installation. Just common sense.

Mostly just curious
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Storable pools do follow considerably less stringent rules than permanently installed pools.

I don't think "nicer" enters into it. At least in the eyes of the code and safety in general.
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I live in New York. Two years ago New York State got tough with pool owners. I don't know if it was a local thing or perhaps county.

People who owned those inflatable pools with the small filters that are perhaps 18 inches deep were hit. They were required to comply with ALL rules or take the pools down. That means all electrical rules, along with the other rules about a fence.

I think the issue was that a child died because of an un-attended pool in a neighbors yard.

Because of the enforcement, K-Mart, WalMart and similar stores now have signs near the displays for these pools, and have stuck warnings on the boxes that all laws must be complied with, etc.

The moral is, buyer beware.
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They have also been cracking down on these inflatible pools around here too. You need to have a proper electrical installation and have a 4' safety fence enclosing the pool area. It's just as easy to be electrocuted or drown in a cheap pool as it is in an expensive one.
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I don't want to sound out of line or anything, but aside from the technical side of it....if you're going to bury a pipe, isn't it just as easy to pull wire through it instead of an extension cord?

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