Looking for the right battery?


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Looking for the right battery?

I'm looking for a deep cycle battery to run 2 small fans totalling 97 watts of power.

They will be run from a power inverter.

I want them to las about 10 hours.

What would the AH Amp-Hour rating on the battery that I would need to do this.


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Lets make it bit easier and use 100 watts for 10 hours. 100 watts at 120 volts is .8 amps. A battery is nominally 13.5 volts. that would convert to about 7.5 amps from the battery for 10 hours equals about 75 AH. That would totally drainthe battery. Therea re some losses inthe converter. I would say you want at the very least 100 AH.
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I was thinking about that as well.

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two 6v golf car batteries will work better than a single 12v deep cycle battery and they usually have a higher amp rating. The downside is each battery costs as much as a 12v.

RV'ers who know use banks of 6v batteries to power thier rig.

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