Dryer wiring questions


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Dryer wiring questions

I'm moving the washer/dryer area from the basement to a little room in the garage area. I've got a few questions:

What gauge of wire do I use for a dryer? A 30 amp breaker is in there presently. Are 50 amp breakers required for dryers these days by any chance?

I've not wired a 220 line before. There are apparently two hots and one ground. What colors are typically used for hot?

This is an old Federal Pacific 100 amp box. We'll be selling this house. Is it worth swapping out boxes for a new 200 amp or will most buyers not care. The house is only 1,000 sf not including the basement.

Thank you for the help.
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Use 10-3 with ground. New codes require a 4 wire setup for your dryer. The fourth wire bonds the chassis to the ground. And since you are doing a new circuit, do it according to code.
As far as the FPE box, and as much as I hate them, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Especially if you are selling it. I can't imagine any requirement for you to change out the box during a sale.
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A dryer is 120/240v, not 220v. For a new circuit you need two hots, neutral and ground. 10/3nm is typical for this circuit. As is a two-pole 30 amp breaker.
You will likely have to replace the dryer cord with a 4-prong.
For running a new circuit for your dryer this is code.
I have never seen a 50 amp residential dryer.

As for the old FPE box...
A potential buyer WILL, most definitely, use this as a bargaining tool. While I don't think 200 amps is really necessary, it will be a great selling tool for you if you do upgrade to a new 200 amp service.
The $1500+ you spend now will prevent a potential buyer's #*%@# home inspector from suggesting a $5000 cut in price due to the sub-standard electrical service panel.
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Thank you guys for the info. It's much appreciated.
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RID yourself of the "FPE" panel! There is no need to go to 200A.
And the potential buyers will see a nice new box, and you will sleep well if not sold soon.

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