Exterior 220 to Hot Tub -- revisited


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Exterior 220 to Hot Tub -- revisited

Hot Tub is on opposite side of house from breaker panel, so #6 THWN will exit through the rim joist and need to follow foundation (1" PVC) to disconnect near the spa. Question: Can the PVC be buried along the foundation? (for aesthetic reasons) If so, must it be 24" deep? The tub will be placed on a slab off a walkout basement patio -- so it seems the PVC must follow a path that eventually leaves the foundation and runs over the siding (above the patio doors), and then down to the disconnect (attached to the siding), out the disconnect to 1 1/4" PVC 24" underground to the spa. How does this sound? Any suggestions? Thanks for your help!
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Roller Coaster ride

I was getting dizzy just listening to your proposed route--out of the rim joist, down to the foundation, back up and across the patio doors and then back down to the disconnect and then back to the foundation!!! Whew!!!

Can you run this inside the basement and come out above or at the disconnect which could be mounted on the rim joist/siding? Or is your basement ceiling finished making the outside route your only choice?

How wide is the slab in front of the patio doors? Any chance you could dig a hole on each side of the slab and drive a pipe through and then run the conduit through? This would save the "over the patio door" with the conduit and approve the asthetics.

I believe 18" is the required depth for burying the conduit, but will defer to the experts.

The only issue I can see about following along the base of the foundation is that depending on how deep the soil is along the foundation where you intend to bury the conduit, you may hit drain tile or gravel along the foundation wall. No idea what your frost line is at your location. Hopefully, you have enough soil to get to the correct depth without hitting these potential obstacles.

Good Luck
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I have to go outside b/c the basement is finished. However, I've changed my mind about the route after reading posts here. I'm going to come out the joist, and across to the bottom of the deck, and just follow the underside of the deck until I'm past the patio door for the walkout basement, and then come straight down to the disconnect.

I have a firm grasp of the conductors themselves, but I haven't used expansion joints, so I'm interested in any guidance anyone can give me on that. I have been to Menard's and Home Depot and haven't been able to find any. Also, can someone please explain the types of various options I might consider for the PVC run I'm doing. It's about 80', with only one right angle (down to the disconnect/GFCI box. Thanks for your help!
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I would run your conduit the most direct route as possable, the less bends the better (you have to pull wires thru it). Make it look nice, no less than 18" is safe.
(If it were easy everyone would do it)

Expansion fittings.. My oppinion.. Ive never seen wires stretch,Stressed yes, stretch no. Fitttings expand, wires don't, I'm not the engineer.They have their reasons.

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