cost to go to 200amp from 100amp excluding panel


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cost to go to 200amp from 100amp excluding panel

i have a main disconnect on the outside of my house. My father in law is coming over this weekend so we can put a 200amp box in my basement to make room for some new 240 (hot tub stove dryer) breakers. i believe i currently have 100amp service but that is still in question. I have 2 100amp panels in the house
1 is downstairs and 1 is in the garage. on the outside of the house i have a box with a wide breaker in it that has 2 levers for shutoff on it and both say 100. My uncle says it has 200amps my FIL says 100. Its a foreclosed house so im SOL on asking the previous owner. the panel in the garage has a bunch of double pole breakers in it with only 1 side of the pole being used. is it possible to run the main power fro mthe outside box to 2 separate boxes? or does the main line always have to go to the main box and then through it to subpanel
i ask because if the main line can be split to 2 boxes say 100amp to 1 100am to another then that is whath as happened here
otherwise i need to start flipping breakers until second panel is off to figure out how that is done.

anyway back to the question saying i have 100 amp but i put the new 200amp panel in downstairs on my own. how much to have the 200amp service done for the main line into the house?

my meter says cl200 240v
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You have a 100 amp service. Since your main disconnect is outside the panels inside are treated as sub-panels and should be feed with a 4 wire feed.

You best bet is to get 3 estimates from local licensed contractors. Compare the materials used and make sure permits are included if they are required in your area.

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