Question about Grounding


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Question about Grounding

When wiring outlets and switches in metal boxes why is it required to ground the ground wire to the box when it is going on the ground terminal of the switch or outlet and they have metal screws my theory is if the screws are metal and the box is metal why is it necessory to ground the box?

When using self grounding recepticles is it still necessory to ground the outlet?
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The metal box is permanent. The receptacle, switch, or other device can be removed or replaced. Further, the connection is not solid. Those screws can and sometimes do loosen over time, and the connection is no solid.

No, if you do use a self grounding receptacle in a properly grounded metal box then you do not have to pigtail a ground wire to the receptacle.
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I meant to ask when using a self grounding recepticle is it still necessory to ground the box?
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RS, yes, ground the box..
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At the risk of getting flamed I will say that it is a better practice to ground the box and run a pig tail to the outlet or switch.

No this is not always required by code. IMHO it is just a better way to go. Some business persons claim that it cost x min times x devices etc.

I say just do the better job.
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Bottom line is a metal box MUST be grounded, first and foremost.

Some devices do not require a ground connection, most do. ALL metal boxs do. Whether it be a conductor or metal conduit.

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