Two parts; fuse socket and burnt wire


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Question Two parts; fuse socket and burnt wire

part one
On a mian panel [ fuses ] the base of a fuse socket. There is a piece of insulation around a screw or a contact point. Why is there a piece of insulation around that screw ?

part two
Same panel , he has a hot water tank [220 two fuses]. He smelled a wire burnning. He look inside the main panel and saw one fuse with a burnt wire on it. [ 1/2 to 3/4 insulation burnt] He unscrew the fuse and saw that small piece of imsulation was missing. He replaced it form another fuse socket not being uesd[ the insulation piece at the screw in the center of the base] It's seem to be working fine wire isn't getting hot. What did the insulation at that screw have to do with the wire at the fuse getting hot enough to burn the insukation off the wire?
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If you are talking about the insulation in the base of the fuse socket (where the fuse screws in), then that is what electrically separates the tip and base of the fuse. In essence it is what makes the electricity flow through the fuse instead of shorting arround it. When the wire burnt without that peice of insulation, the fuse was essentially shorted out of the circuit and the wire had no protection. I had a similar situation at my house where I unscrewed the fuse part way to a circuit so that I could work on it and then (stupidly) did not check to ensure that it was dead. When I looked to see why I got shocked, I found the insulator gone from the fuse base, so the circuit was connected basically with no fuse.

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