new wire to breaker box, should I do it?


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new wire to breaker box, should I do it?

I've done a fair bit of wiring, and this particular task is fairly simple. I'm installing an additional outlet in my furnace room close to the breaker box. I have room in the box for 2 additional 5amp breakers, I only need one at this point. I've called around a few electricians and I'm having a difficult time finding one to come out and do such a small job. Should I just install the breaker myself, shutting down the main first? any advice is appreciated...
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5 Amps?

What would you be running off of a 5 amp breaker?
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sorry, that should read 15amp, my bad typing.
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It isn't that big of a job use the correct house electrical wire and if you do it with the main breaker off then you really have nothing to worry about. I am confident your electrical abilities to run 3 wires. Just make sure the green or bare copper gets grounded, and hot and neutral go where they belong on the electrical socket and in the breaker box.
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Instead of a 15 amp breaker and 14 gage wire, I recommend a 20 amp breaker and 12 gage wire. A 20 amp circuit can supply one third more power than a 15 amp circuit, and the cost difference is minimal. The receptacle is probably required to be GFCI protected.

You do need to be careful in the main panel. Unless you have an outside disconnect, shutting off the main breaker does not remove power from the panel. It only removes power from the two large busses that run up the center of the panel which feed the breakers. Do turn the main off, and take your time.

Buy only a circuit breaker designed for your panel. This may be tricky if the panel is older. Be careful attaching the ground and neutral wires, and remember to not double up any neutral wires.

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