Hottub GFCI Blowing


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Hottub GFCI Blowing

The 50-AMP GFCI breaker for my hottub is occasionally blowing. I'm looking at a couple of avenues on why that might be. I'd like your advice on one of them.

There seems to be a pretty strong correlation between the hottub GFCI blowing and my whole house A/C turning on. So let me describe my entire setup.

My main breaker box for the entire house is a 200 amp Westinghouse panel. Both the hottub and the A/C were added to the box after the house was constructed. The main panel is pretty full. Both the hottub and the A/C have 50 amp (240V) breakers in the main panel. Both have their own disconnect near the outdoor unit. Both were wired by an electrician. The hottub disconnect box contains the 50 amp GFCI that periodically blows.

What is the likelihood that the hottub GFCI is blowing because of the A/C turning on?

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First i would check the amp draw of the motor and the heaters seperately, then combined to make sure they aren't pulling more than the 50 amp. If you find that it is pulling more than 50 amps combined you will need to go from there as it could be possible the motor might be on its way out.
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OK, I did that. With just the ciculation pump running, the hot tub draws 1 amp. With both the heater and circulation pump running, the hot tub draws 21 amps. There are also two 5 HP "jet" pump motors that each pull just under 10 amps. If the heater, ciculation pump, and both "jet" pump motors are going, the hot tub draws 40 amps. (For a fraciton of a second, I can get the ammeter to show 48 amps while the jet pump motors are starting.)

The circulation pump motor is rated for 1.1 amps and rated for continuous use. It runs hot to the touch. Hot enough that I wouldn't keep my hand on it. But, like I said above, it appears to only be drawing 1 amp.

Any other thoughts?
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Is there any indication that would differentiate between the GFCI tripping and the overload of the breaker tripping?

I have some odd thoughts but are irrelevent if you cannot distinguish which is tripping.
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I couldn't see any way to differentiate between the two.

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