circuit breakers


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circuit breakers

why would multiple circuits lose power without tripping the individual circuit breakers? some house circuits are still receiving power.
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Sounds like a main power feed issue. It could be you lost 1/2 of your main ckt brkr. Not good.

What is the weather? windy? It may be outside your house. Possably a wire above the meter has broke free.

Quick check; Get a flash light, shut off all breakers, Then reset the main. Then turn on the others. If this fixes the trouble, Call an electrician in the AM before work, and get the main brker changed. If this does not fix it, call the power co.. TONIGHT !
They will gladly check it out.
Please post back.
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Several things come to mind.

Are both legs coming in to the house hot?
If one leg were dead, every other breaker would be dead as well.

Some breakers do not "look" tripped when they are. Try to reset the breaker.

If the buss is burned up behind the breakers, it could burn bad enough to affect several circuits.

Be sure you truly have lost power. If you have voltage out but have lost the neutral, you still have voltage through the appliance but with no return path, the appliance will not operate, just as if the circuit was dead.

Have you checked all of the above?? When you have, if you have not found the problem, post back.
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Wires can and do become loose at receptacles and other places where they are attached/connected.

Are all the location without power on the same circuit?

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