Continuity test failure


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Continuity test failure

My downstream receptacles from one particular receptacle do not work. I tested each wire and the ground and neutral pass the continuity test, but the hot fails. Obviously there is a break in the hot wire.

This is for new construction and I wondering if it was damaged or if it's a manufacturing defect. Anyway, is the only solution to pull new wire? How bad would it be to use the neutral for hot and the ground for neutral and ground. Only two downstream receptacles are affected and won't be used much. I know this is not the most ideal solution, but how bad would it be?

Running new wire would be a huge task as it goes around a corner and there is a header above and below the "good" receptacle.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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Unless there's a better solutions, I think I can somewhat easily drill up from the basement to the first "bad" receptacle. I should be able to pull new wire and splice into the same circuit earlier in the run. Any other suggestions would still be appreciated. Thanks.

Edit: If this is the approch I take, should I disconnect the ground from the last good the first bad receptacle? Thanks
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Under no circumstances should you ever combine neutral and ground in the same wire for a new installation. This idea is stupid and extremely dangerous.

Your only solution is to replace the wire. Period.
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New construction? Look to your builder for assistance. It is likely a nail gun through a wire somewhere. This should be repaired by the drywall hangers.
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Are the receptacles wired with backstab connections? if so move the wires to the screws and your problem might just go away.
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I am more leaning to the nicked wires because you mention this is a new construction so therefore you may have a stray nail hit the wire and nick the conductor [ wire ] and only way you have to replace is open the wall and restring the wire but the best best is get ahold of contractor whom did work on the house and they will have to get the electricican to come back and repair and back charge whoever it damged the wire.

if it was yourself you are out of luck but only way you have to do is rip open the drywall and from that point you have to replace the wire you can not splice the wire in the wall [ the code dont allow this set up at all unless you have extra junction box you can use and you can not bury the junction box at all ]

Merci, Marc
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Partially dead circuit

If you feel qualified, turn the breaker off for this circuit and pull out the receptacles in the last "good" one and the dead ones. Inspect the wires carefully. Drywall hangers sometimes cut the wire when they use a Rotzip tool to cut the drywall hole for the receptacle box. If this is the case, hopefully you will have enough good wire in the box to add a pigtail.
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no feed

listen to R/C. first make sure you ring your circut out checking the box carefully making sure you did not over look a cut in the box. If not then you wil need to rerun line. Do not use neutral as hot!!!! do it right
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1) did these recepticals ever work? If not have the contractor come back.

2)This is a new house (how new)? 1 year or less, HAVE the contractor come back.
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