Circuit breaker size upgrade?


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Circuit breaker size upgrade?

I'm remodeling a house with some upgrades to current elec code. Some of my current wiring circuits are on 15Amp breakers, however the wiring is all 12 guage. Is there any reason I can't just upgrade the breakers to 20Amps?

This house was built in 1963, and the existing wiring has a gummy fabric cable jacket, not Romex style. Would the the cable jacket insulation properties deteriorate over time and degrade the service?
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Be sure the #12 goes the entire run of the circuit. Sometimes a larger wire is used if long runs to reduce voltage drop but the end of the run is finished out with the smaller wire.

The larger wire would need to extend thoughout the entire circuit.
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Also make sure none of the wiring is aluminum...if there is any 12g aluminum, stay with the 15A breaker.

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