approximate electrician cost


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approximate electrician cost

Summers in Massachusetts are hot and humid, so being used to and not having AC is a bit torturous right now. However, the breaker on the AC fan trips every 10 minutes, and just by feeling it, the part of the panel in that area heats up big time so since I know nothing about wiring and what not, I'm thinking I need to call an electrician. Can anyone tell me about how much it would cost to have someone look at and possibly locate the problem? Thanks a bunch.
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I would have a HVAC professional check out your air handler first, as it may be in their realm of expertise. Without knowing what is wrong with the handler, we can't estimate cost.
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An electrician may or may not be helpful to you. Breakers are designed to trip when they get hot but what is making it hot is the real problem.

While you may have problems in the panel that could cause this, I would tend to look at the A/C unit as the actual problem.

I would suggest an HVAC guy (and I am actually an electrician myself). A well versed HVAC guy can take an amp reading to determine if the unit is drawing too much current and then he would be the one to diagnose and reapir the A/C system anyway.

Just to make me feel more comfortable with this advice, what brand of panel do you have? Certain brands are prone to problems and may cause me to alter this advice a bit if you have one of these.

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$50-$65/hr for an electrician. Not much of a difference for the HVAC tech.
I agree with the former posters. Have the HVAC person check this out first, Could be low on Gas, bad compressor or some other related issue.

Most times when the breaker is a fault in the equipment, and those guys have a more direct route to the parts than we do.

Good luck, and if needed, Call.

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