Crimp or twist-on connectors for Grounds?


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Crimp or twist-on connectors for Grounds?

I'm rewiring some non-grounded outlets. My old wiring boxes (non-metallic Bakelite) have multiple pass-through circuits with the grounds pulled back outside the box (inner wall) and crimped together. If I add grounded outlets, can I use a twist-on connector inside the box and pigtail to the other grounds? Can I pull all the grounds into the wiring box and connect with twist-on connectors?
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You must pull the grounds into the boxes, and make sure they are properly connected at every box, device and at the panel.
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the only question with older wiring you got in there is that old style romax or BX cable [ this kinda like spiral metal wire type ]??

because if useing old BX some case the grounding is good but the trouble is poor grounding with some boxes it can get rusted or loosen up over the time.

and make sure you have good grounding wire[s] at the boxes

Merci , Marc

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