how to wire a 2 stage switch


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how to wire a 2 stage switch

can someone tell me what type of switch i need (dptp,spdt,etc..) and how to wire it. im looking for a push button switch where you press the switch the first time, it goes on low. the second press will make it turn on high. the last press will turn it off. its for a light with a 7.2 volt dc power source. any help is greatly appreciated. thanks in advanced
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You want an Off-On1-On2

The switch does not control the dimming, just which lead has current pass. The dimming is done with a separate device.

Do a Google search for 'pushbutton switch' and you will be pointed to many sources.
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lamp switch

This switch is available at any DIY store. This type is used on ordinary household lamps such as the light on my range hood. This is equivalent to a SP rotary switch with 3 contacts (third contact not wired).
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is there a way where i just wire a resistor in line with one of the wires while the other goes straight to the load? im looking for the smallest push button switch available for this application. thanks for the help peeps
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Almost by definition, mechanical devices like switches tend to not be "small" but everything is relative. If this is not some kind of 3 way bulb, then you need some external dimming means. The wattage of the bulb will determine what kind of switch you need. For example, if it is a 14 watt bulb, the switch needs to be rated for min. 2 amps. Resistors for dimming are less than practical. In my example above, if you wanted to halve the watts at the bulb, you would need a 7 watt resistor, which will be quite large and quite HOT!

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