Main breaker adapter?


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Main breaker adapter?

Does any one know of an adapter that Is available, for say, if I had a 100 A main breaker panel, and wanted to only utilize it as a 60 Amp sub. Space could be a problem,thats why I'm asking about the conversion kit. Open to any MFGR.

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I have a similar problem. I purchased a 125 amp Square-D interior subpanel. I've only been able to find a 100 amp buss disconnect conversion (Murray) and I really don't need more than 60 amps. I was planning on installing a 60 amp double circuit breaker at the main to serve this sub-panel with #6-3 w/g romex. This would be fine for 6 or less circuits because I could just wire directly to the panel without a disconnect. However, I will probably have 8 or more circuits served buy the sub-panel and a disconnect would be required.

I don't want to put a larger breaker in the main and I don't want to have to run a larger feeder. Would it be ok to use the 100 amp disconnect? I would label the panel(s) to indicate the 60 amp max capacity.
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My understanding is that you can use the 125 amp breaker in the sub-panel, since it protectes the sub-panel which is rated for 125 amps, as long as the feeder cable is protected at the main panel appropriately.

In other words, the 60 amp breaker in the main panel protects that cable feeding the sub-panel and will trip at 60 amps, while the 125 amp breaker protects the sub-panel and will trip at 125 amps (which it will never see).
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Hi Bob,

I found that I can just put a 60 amp double breaker in the sub-panel and attach the feads directly to that which "back-feeds" the buss and acts as the dissconnect. This instead of attaching a disconnect kit to the buss bar.


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