Is something wrong with my dryer?


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Is something wrong with my dryer?

I've been living in my house for 4 years now and my dryer has been working perfectly fine since this house was built. Just the other day my dryer would run for about 10 minutes and then the circuit breaker would jump. I tried reseting the circuit breaker and restarted the dryer and it would run for another 10 minutes or less and the breaker would jump again. When I checked the circuit breaker, I noticed that the circuit breaker feels hot (like it is being overloaded). I haven't done any new electrical work in my house. I've read that at certain points during the drying process the dryer uses more electricity which might be causing the circuit breaker to jump. Is my dryer broken or do I have a faulty circuit breaker?

Thanks in advanced!
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Two possibilities come to mind:
1) it could be a faulty motor in the dryer
2) there could be faulty connections somewhere in the circuit wiring.

You should start by having an electrician inspect the circuit and use a clamp on meter to measure operating currents
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Check that the vent hasn't become clogged with lint. Also check if the vent has a short "easy" path to outside or a long one with turns. The latter will just add to the possibility of a clog.
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I agree, it is not common for a breaker to "TRIP" in this manner without something being the cause.

You should have a local electrical contractor give the device a good look over.

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