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Question Ringing doorbell

My doorbell is ringing by itself. It has electronic songs that can be preset. When it goes off it may be just the first note, several notes, or the entire selection. Sometimes it is distorted, but not always. The strangest thing is that this only happens during the day, once the temperature begins to drop, it stops. Our temperatures are hitting 100 - 107, and dropping to 90 around 8 p.m. or so. The doorbell will ring when you push the button. I have checked the button and both wires are clean and connected. There is a small wire with a black cylinder on it that connects between the two screws (not sure if this is just for the light, which is burned out, or something else).
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It sounds like heat expansion in the push button Disconnect one wire at the push button for a hot day or two. If it solves the problem you may want to consider a one button, or depending on style, see if you can do a little internal bending, to increase to non contact gap.
If the button was lighted, and is no longer, the blackened cylinder is the burned out bulb. That won't affect the operation.
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i rather doubt (although it is possible) that the problem is the expansion of the contacts in the pushbutton.

If the 100+ degree temperatures are at the door chime assembly itself then it is probably an electronic instability problem related to elevated tempoeratures. Most household electrical devices are not made to operate in such temperatures.
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Most people are not made to operate in such temperatures either. If the inside temp is that high, someone is heading for heat stroke.

I've had personal experience with expansion/contraction. Had a car whose horn would start blowing when left out in zero weather. Had to pull the horn switch cover off of the steering wheel and make more clearance.

Also used to work for a ding-dong manufacturer and most push buttons are less than great.

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