Best way to run wire in a panel?


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Best way to run wire in a panel?

I have seen a few examples of how wire is run in a panel. I am just beginning to run NM #12 into my subpanel and this is what I did but I want to know how others do it.

I cut the sheath off after about an inch from the clamp at the top of the panel where the cable enters the panel. All of my cables will enter the top. If the cable is coming in near the ground side and hot side, I run the black and bare wire straight down and about half an inch past the hole I will insert the wire into. Then I bend the wire so it makes a u-turn going back up and then make a 90 degree bend to point into the breaker.

I saw this technique done by the electrician who installed my new main panel. It seemed like a good idea to provide a little slack in case the wire gets tugged accidentally. The white wire I run down slightly and then make a diagonal across and down to the nuetral bus bar. I do the same half loop on the white wire as the others.

This is a 40/20 breaker panel, and I will probably put in about 30 breakers so I want to keep it neat and easy to trace. Any suggestions?
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did you isolated your neutrals in your subpanel. make sure you remove bonding jumper in sub. neutral must be isolated in a subpanel unless panel is in another building. keeping the wires neat and organized is the way i go. making bends like that looks nice but i prefer straight square bend to destination points. once you start going in panel for something and moving wires those bends up/down bends start to get kinked and then you must spend time re doing them. It is all good which ever way you choose as long as it is neat and by code..

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