Exterior Pole Light


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Exterior Pole Light

I presently have an exterior pole light (old parking lot lamp standard)which is controlled by interior on/off switch.
I am installing an above ground pool close to the pole and want to use the electricity from the pole light to run the pool pump. I want to install a hot outlet about a foot above ground level and have it connected to the existing wires used to power the light. How do I make a connection whereby the plug is always hot yet do not have to have the light switch turned on? Is this all possible?
In advance, thank you for your help.
John Byrne
Mt Forest
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I don't know Canadian standards at all..but on the surface it does not sound safe, at all.

But, remove the switch from the equasion and make the pole light hot all the time and put a photocell on the light at the pole.

Short of running new wires (which is what you ought to do anyway) there is no way to have a switch control the light only and let the pump run all the time.

Small pool...or is the light a 220v light?
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remote outlet

The only way to have had constant power for the pool is on an unswitched third hot wire with the existing neutral. You need to run a dedicated cable out there.

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