Need help with some wiring


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Need help with some wiring

I have a receptacle in one of my rooms and I want to add a switch and a light to it. Could someone please help me on how I would go about wiring this? A wiring diagram would be nice to help me on wiring this but an explanation will do if the diagram is not possible.
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Speaking strictly from a safety standpoint, Iím concerned about your knowledge of electrical work as the job you are asking about is pretty straight forward. Iím not saying you wonít find help here, but give us a little info so we can see what level you are at and can give you the best advice. It would help if we knew:

Have you ever done electrical work before (changed an outlet or switch)?

What type of room is it that the work will be done in (bedroom, living room, etc.)?

Do you know what breaker (circuit) the outlet you want to feed from is on and have you checked to see what else is on that circuit?

Do you want to put the switch on the same wall as the outlet you want to feed from?

Will the switch control a wall mounted light or a ceiling mounted light? Do you have access above the ceiling (crawl space or attic)?

Again, once we know your level of skill and the scope of the work, we can help you decide how to proceed.
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It may be easier if you sketch out what you would do toward the task completion you've in mind. Then we can correct or modify or agree to your approach. With more nut and bolt specifics we can get the job done right.
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We also need to know what room this is, so we can tell you if you are allowed to add a light to this circuit.

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