Terminate Electric to demo'd wall


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Question Terminate Electric to demo'd wall

Hi - I am starting a minor kitchen remodel and will be demolishing a 1/2 wall. The wall has an outlet. I will need to terminate the electric connection.

How do I do that?

I am assuming I cut back the wire and pvc housing to the closest electrical box connection... but I am not sure. There is an outlet within about 36" and a wall switch within 36" as well.

I have researched some handyman books and don't see instructions for demo of a wall with an electric outlet.

Any suggestions? Thanks
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If you can ind the other end of the cable then you just remove from that box and yo are done. If you can't get to the other end then you need to terminate in a box with a a cover that is accessible.
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Do you know how many wires are in the outlet box? If not, shut the power to this outlet (test it to make sure it’s actually off) and take a look.

If there are just two current carrying conductors (a hot and neutral) and the ground wire then this is the last outlet fed by those wires and you can trace them back to their source and disconnect as joed said.

If there are more wires than this, the outlet either feeds other receptacles downstream and/or the outlet box is also serving as a junction box for separate wires. If this is the case, the job just got more involved and you’re going to have to do some rewiring.

Post back to let us know what you find and we’ll see if we can help you out.
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Smile Terminating service to demo'd wall

Thank you for your reply. I have not opened the wall yet and probably won't get to it until mid-week. I expect this outlet will be the last in a string of 3 connections.

I will let you know what happens and will probably have another question. Katie

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