100A Meter Socket?


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Question 100A Meter Socket?

Looking to upgrade 100A service, existing meter socket is 100A. Will this socket handle 125A Main(?) as 100Amp sockets are rated 135amps continuous, correct?
Service entrance cable is #4cu, would replace that with #2cu
or (1/0AL if lugs allow) to handle 125A breaker box.
Or,,should I not try an cut cost, and blast in a 150A or 200A service and be done with it, all costs considered? I'm very comfortable with either task.
(Small house, is why I hesitate, don't want to hit an ant with a sledge-hammer!)

Load is 30amp 240v WH, 30amp 240v A/C, 6 circuits @ 15amp includes well pump-15amp single phase,
2 circuits 20amp.
Future plans for 50 or 60A sub panel in small barn for light welder & shop equipment.
Have not tried to calculate actual load (whew); unsure of ampacity of future welder/equipment?
My gut tells me the 125A main would be about maxed out(?), not much breathing room for future expansion past small barn.
(dryer, range, & furnace are Gas)
125 ft of #4AL TPX feeds weatherhead

Thanks in advance for your advice,

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Call the utility. They should give you a 200 amp socket.
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Taking into consideration the future plans for a remote panel to a shop, 200 amp NO question.
The cost difference is minimal in the scope of things.
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Originally Posted by wareagle
Call the utility. They should give you a 200 amp socket.
MANY utilities have discontinued the practice of handing out meter pans. Mine did years ago. The meter pan itself is not at all expensive.

Some POCO's actually provide the service up to and including the meter pan. I don't think this is a widespread practice though.
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WOW !!! A utility co. actualy gives you something!!!!
(Not including great and exceptional service) I was leaning towards material things, NEVER EVER heard of that. What a concept though.
Besides what does a meter bucket realy cost any way.. So insignificant, while you have the service Apart replace it.

I don't get this lets save $30 thing.!? In the scope of it... Do the whole job. Otherwise 3 years down the road, something fails and your the "IDIOT'. Go figure...fOR ANOTHER $30 IT COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED.
Just my mind set.
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Doing all of this work to only gain 25amps of capacity is silly. 100A is a can be an acceptable size for small houses with gas appliances. However, if you need more, then do not waste your money with a 125/150 amp service and go straight for the 200A. The price difference between the materials for the 125/150/200 amp service is insignifigant compared to the total price of the upgrade. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish.

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