Replacing AC Adaptor US - AUS


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Replacing AC Adaptor US - AUS

Hey There,

I'm here in down under and i purchased an audio type unit recently that was an American Model, so therefore had an AC Adaptor with the 2-pins that are common in the states. So here i'd have to run through a step down transformer, etc... All worked fine...

Anywho, the AC Adaptor recently blew due to overloading the AC (i think the transformer was set above the input voltage thus being in Australia 240v, USA 120v - the actual unit was not attached at the time so it has had no damage), anyway regardless of that i have to replace it.

I've gone to a local wholesaler of electrical goods and they took down the information of the AC Adapter and rang me later this afternoon saying they could order one in (the one with 3 pins that suit Australian households). So i did. I'm not sure if its the same model though, or just the same output.

The AC Adaptor specs are as follows:

Model: AA-093A5DT
INPUT: 120VAC 60Hz 39W

So i've ordered a new one, i think of the same model (they took it down when i showed them the AC) but regardless of that its raised some questions in my mind.

1. Being an American unit, if i get an Australian AC Adaptor instead of an American AC Adaptor and its output is "9VAC 3.5A", will that cause any damage to the unit, or run finely as it did before?

2. Does it matter what brand/model, etc... the AC Adaptor is, or just as long as it outputs the same level as stated (ie, 9VAC 3.5A)

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IMHO as long as the output voltage and amperage is correct it will work fine. But, most mfgs have disclaimer in their warentee that will void it if you use anything other than OEM parts.
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Yeah thats what i figure, i rang up a guitar amp repairer who i'd done alot of business with, and put the question to him (being qualified and having experience with electrical goods and music gear which is what the item was) and he said its fine, like you said as long as it is the same voltage and or amps it will work fine... He said your more to worry about the voltage first than the amperage but both are relative.

Also about the warranty, mine is up anywho so if it were to crap out i'd just have to buy another one.


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