hmmmm.....what's all the hum?


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hmmmm.....what's all the hum?

I recently hooked up the overhead lights for my new shop and I have got an awful hum/buzz when the lights are turned on. I am using 8' fluorescent lights that are High output. I have one circuit with 4 fixtures on them and another with 5 fixtures. Both hum. All the fixtures and bulbs are brand new as well as the wiring. What could be causing this? Thanks
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Are you sure you have the right bulbs in the fixture?
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Sounds like ballast hum. The quieter the area, the more noticeable it is. I had a really noisy one and took the fixture back to the store for a trade out. The replacement still hummed, but not nearly as bad.
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more information

I am using Philips High Output bulbs P/N 96T12/OW/HO-O/AL in one circuit and some Sylvania ones in the other circuit. Both have the same results.

The hum is very loud almost to the point where conversation has to be raised to hear. Is it possible one of the ballasts in the string of lights is causing it? Could I go through and pull out the bulbs on one fixture at a time and see if the hum goes away? I do notice one area on each circuit where the hum is louder. It is the first fixture coming from the circuit panel. Thanks for the help.
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Ballast humm is just a fact of life. Some mfgs do have a lower noise version of the ballasts for more money, but they still humm some.

Why the HO lights, is it cold where you installed them?

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