Electrical Day


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Electrical Day

Hello All,
I am an elactrical student in the U.A.E University and I plan to do an electrical day and I don't know what to do in this day so Can I have your suggestion for this day and what kind of activeties, please?
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Electrical day??

I'm curious what is an electrical day? For me its getting up and going to work everyday but igather thats not your meaing so please divulge a little more info and a little more specific on wat you're looking for would be nice too...I'd love to help if i can.
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Thank you for your response....
An Electrical Day means that a group of students have to do some activeties in the University that related to the Electrical Engineering and the students can get benefit from this activeties....
I hope that you get the point....
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Sprinkler a bunch of resisters on the table and ask everyone to find the 2kohm 1/4 watt resistor using the color code.
Set up a power supply and let the users see when the PN junction of a diode smokes!
Hours of fun!

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