Outlet keeps tripping


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Outlet keeps tripping

the outlet in my bathroom frequently trips once in two or three week. Usually after using the blow dry. I have installed the cfgi receptacle, but it didn't help.
I have to reset it at the circuit breaker everytime this happens.

Do you have any ideas what may be the cause of this?

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The breaker is tripping on an "Overload", i.e., a current-value in excess of the rating of the breaker, which probably is a rating of 15 amps.
Please determine the rating of the breaker that protects the circuit.
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Your problem is that you are drawing too much current. Blow dryers need a lot of current to operate. Older bathrooms do not have dedicated circuits, and such items as blow dryers and curling irons cause the breaker to trip.

Installing a GFCI receptacle will not alter this behavior, because a ground fault has nothing to do with an overload.

You can either have a new circuit installed for the bathroom, or you can figure out what else is on the same circuit and make sure those other items are either turned off or plugged in elsewhere.
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Thank you for the quick responses.
I guess I was hoping that whenever the circuit is overloaded, the GFCI would trip, not the circuit breaker, thus reduce my trips down to the basement to reset the breaker. Nice try!

I will call a contractor to install a dedicated circuit.


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