Which circuit for window AC


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Which circuit for window AC

I have an 8000 BTU window air conditioner that is rated at 6.6A. The instructions recommend a dedicated 15A circuit. It came out of a window that had a dedicated 20A line and was put in another room.

My choices are to plug it in to a 15A circuit shared by a 24in TV, VCR, DVD and a couple of lights, or to run a 75 ft 12 ga. extension cord back to the dedicated 20A circuit.

Are either of these acceptable alternatives?

Thanks for any guidance you can offer.
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In my opinion neither of those are proper.

The unit calls for a dedicated circuit, so it should have a dedicated circuit, either 15 or 20 amps.

Using the circuit shared with those other devices will cause those other devices to experience voltage drop when the compressor kicks in. This may cause a DVD to skip or even shut off, the TV to blink, the VCR to skip, and it will certainly dim the lights.

Using an extension cord, especially one that long is foolish and will certainly present a fire hazard.

In my opinion, you need a dedicated circuit for this unit in it's new location, either 15 or 20 amp. Since it is a new circuit, make it a 20 amp circuit.
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yes thats true. ACU will have a separated circuit a 20 amp circuit.
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Thanks you guys. Will do.


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