GFCI CODE-How many feet from water


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GFCI CODE-How many feet from water

I am buying a rehab Condo in Chicago and I wanted to know about the gfci outlets. There is one right next to the sink, but there are three more close buy. Is there a certain distance from the sink that outlets have to be gfci? For example, do all outlets within a 6 foot range have to be gfci?
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Why does this incorrect assumption still exist?

A kitchen sink does not play into GFCI requirements. A bathroom sink does not play into GFCI requirements. A receptacle could be two inches from the edge of the sink and not require GFCI protection.

Here are the requirements:

Any and all receptacles serving kitchen counter top receptacles must be GFCI protected. This applies whether a sink is present or no. If there is a counter top present and there are receptacles (and there need to be unless it is a small piece of counter top), then GFCI protection is required.

Receptacles in bathrooms need GFCI protection. This applies whether they are located just above the sink, or on the far wall.
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Two things come to into play here. First there used to be a six foot from the sink rule for kitchens. It has changed. The new code says the entire kitchen.

The second and most important thing is that Chicago, like alot of other major cities has its own set of rules. You are not going to get help from most of the users of a national forum regarding code issues. Hopefully someone who works the Chicago area will see your post and able to help. You could also call your local building dept for advice.
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Those other circuits are probably run off of the GFCI circuit. Trip it by pressing the test button and see if it kills the other three.*
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Deleted redundant reply.....I'm a slow typer.....

You might be getting the 6 foot rule from the code requirements for laundry room, utility sinks, and wet bar sinks....NEC 210.8 (A)(7).
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Originally Posted by racraft
Why does this incorrect assumption still exist?
I'll tell you why.

I can do a search on gfci protection and come up with multiple DIY websites that all say the same thing: "Building codes require that you have a GFCI outlet in areas near water (e.g. in your kitchen, bathroom or garage.)"

Any average DIY person will read that and come to the conclusion that all outlets near water require GFCI protection.

The DIY folks like me just believe what we read when we think it comes from a credible source
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Which is why you have to be VERY careful what you believe and accept as fact.

I have seen MANY web sites with step by step DIY projects riddled with errors and code violations.

The near water thing is simply a generalization.

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