O.T. PhotoBucket for sharing photos on the internet


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O.T. PhotoBucket for sharing photos on the internet

Originally Posted by rayespo321
Hi I was browsing the forum and saw you are looking for help wiring a motor same as me. I would like to post a drawing I made of the motor connection etc. but I dont know how to get it onto this forum, I see you were able to do it, can you tell how?

Go to http://photobucket.com

click "create albums, slideshows, & prints"

type in a username and password

I don't want to create a new account again with them so I stopped at that point but they may ask for your email address and send you a confirmation email or ask you to read a distorted password and type it in a text box.

When the account is created goto:

and type in your username and password and click "Login" that should take you to "my album" (your album).

Choose the number of images you want to upload in the drop-down list to the right of "Submit Multiple Images".

Click "Browse". That will bring up Windows Explorer. Burrow down to where your image(s) is and double-click the image filename. Windows Explorer will close and the name fo the file will be inserted in the "Image" textbox.

If you chose multiple images, click the next "Browse" button down and so on... untill each of the "Image" textboxes have a filename in them then click "Submit".

It might take a while for the image(s) to upload. When they have, copy the url from the address bar in your browser (mine shows:
and paste the url into your forum message.

I hope this helps.

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http:// imageshack.us also works well and is free. It can even load directly from a URL if your posting a picture from another site.

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