Installing new cord


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Installing new cord

Hello, I accidentally set my circular saw down and cut it's power cord in two. It is a 14 amp saw. Can I buy an extention cord and use this to replace the cord? If so, what gauge?

If not, do they sell replacements?
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The cord is probably a 16 gage cord. There is a slight chance it is 14 gage, but I doubt it. You should be able to tell from the owners manual and/or from the cord itself. Yes, you can buy a replacement from the manufacturer or from a repair shop. You want it to be at least as large as the original. You do not want it to be longer than the original cord, and you want it to have a molded plug.

While you cold probably find an extension cord, cut off one end and make it work, I advise against this. You want to make sure that the new cord is the same design and has the same characteristics as the old cord. Finding an extension cord that fits the bill will probably be more expensive than buying a replacement cord.

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