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Audio Overide

Sorry if this is the wrong forum---

My car has an 8pin mini-din connector for a CD-Changer which I've made use of via a Blitzsafe Ipod adapter to pipe my audio through it (and charge the ipod), connecting through the bottom dock-port on the Ipod.

Now I want to pipe audio through as a 2nd source thats always on, but when there is "radio silenece" (its a police scanner)
I want the Ipod's music to continue. As soon as someone key's their Mic, (I know i'll end up with static noise too), the ipod's audio feed is over-riden by the scanner's. I would assume this would be some sort of electric-sensetive switch. I'm far from techinical with this kinda stuff, but I'd say I understand more than the average user and I'm willing to learn a bit.

Anyways, I have some probably confusing drafts from MSPaint. Sorry I'm no pixel-master and I don't have photoshop on this computer. Hm... ok either I'm blind or there's no photo uploads here. I'll put them online if someone thinks they may be of use.

Is what I'm talking about even remotely possible without a lot of work/knowledge?
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depends on what you call a lot of knowledge. I wired up a relay to a light that came on whenever the scanner locked on to a channel. The relay then switched the input to the amp from the local C&W radio station to the output of the scanner. Actually it was a little more complicated than that. You could hear the scanner come through even if the relay didnt switch. This was an old scanner, long time ago. I dont know if you can find one these days that would have a light on them. If you had a schematic of the radio maybe you could find a point that changes state with a channel lock. Unless you have the experience you can crispy fry a radio trying this.
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You have two options.

One is to modify the radio to bring the squelch gate line out, and have that drive an audio relay.

The other is to build an audio detector, and have that control and audio relay. You can search for "scanner tape recorder control" for plans on that.

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