Wiring upstream to a GFCI


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Question Wiring upstream to a GFCI

I've never worked with GFCIs before...I'm wanting to add a standard 110 outlet "before"/upstream to a GFCI outlet. (I'm running romex upstairs to a room where GFCI is not necessary. Will this be ok? I'm guessing it will be fine but wanted to check with all of you! Thanks.
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As long as the plug you are running to before the GFI doesn't need to be GFI protected then your fine if the circuit will allow. Make sure that you put the wires to the plug before the GFI on the "LINE" side of the GFI....(This will make sense when you look at the back of the GFI) Questions, give a shout
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Also check your local codes. For example if code requires a dedicated circuit for a bathroom that includes the existing GFCI you cannot tap upstream to power an outlet in a different room.

On the other hand some jurisdictions also require that circuits serve only one floor unless they are GFCIs.

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