What to do?


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What to do?

I just added a switch in my kitchen using bx. There are two outlets on that same wall that I noticed just had nm-b cable with no conduit. I'm in Illinois and we use NEC 2005 code. So I think that wire has to be bx or pulled through conduit, right?

Thing is, I'm having my old knob and tube replaced in the attic. The workers noticed the outlets because the wall was open from the back and indicated it should be replaced. I was unable to find out from them (they referred me to their boss) if it "needs" to be replaced because it's a major safety issue or will be required by an inspector.

Is this cable basically safe as is? Does NEC 2005 require all cable to be armored? If it's safe, what if I just closed the wall up and left it out of sight? None of the new work is in this area, you just might see it when you go up the stairs because the wall is open.

I'm thinking I might just replace it with bx, but I'll have to find the time. If I can't get it done right now I thought I'd wait and just keep my attic remodel moving along.

Any advice? Thanks.
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The NEC does not require conduit or any type of armored cable for normal runs. It is local requirements in the Chicago area that require some type of conduit.

You need to ask the inspector what is required for the locality that you live in.

Yes, NM is safe, if it's properly installed. It's in use in houses all over the country without problem. The question is not is it safe, the question is it it allowed.

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