debate at work


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debate at work

ok guys here it goes i have a debate going on at work dealing with bonding ground and neutrals in subpanels. We have a 200 amp main panel (cutler hammer) feeding a cutler hammer 100 amp subpanel feeding this sub were using 2 guage al ser cable 2 hots 1 neutral and one 4 guage ground on the main side the neutrals and grounds are bonded (on the same bar)and on the sub side some of the guys are bonding grounds and neutrals and im telling them they need to be seperated the sub has seperate bars for ground and neutrals ive always hooked them up seperate but the guys dont believe me any advice guys?
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How long have the guys that disagree with you been in the trade?

Tell them to look at 250.24(A)(5) and it's Fpn. , in NEC 2005.
They have no clue.

There are times when a sub-panel does have a bonded neutral, but never when an equipment ground is run with the feeder.
See 250.32(B)(1)&(2).
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Here are a few articles from the iaei and Mike Holt and EC&M magazine that explain with graphics what Speedy is referencing. Hope this helps clear things up. My guess is you guys are building maintenance and arent formally trained in electrical but are required to be general maintenance skilled. At any rate your co-workers need a little refresher...

I've included articles to support sub-panels in seperate buildings and some graphics also. Just remeber to take note when they are talking about sub panelboards within the same building and those in seperate buildings remote from the service rated panelboard. Also note the graghics show a main disconnect...this is no different in the way you treat it as a main panelboard with main breaker and housing the branch circuit breakers and breakers supplying sub-panels. Just remember any panel board on the load side of the panel housing the main service disconnect if supplied with a 4 wire feeder (H-H-N-Grd) has the neutral and ground electrically isolated.

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thanks guys for the replies yes i work for an electrical company roughing houses and the other crewmembers havent been in the trade for long im trying to teach them how to wire panels and such thanks again

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