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door bell

i have to replace the chimes on my grandfathers bell...i finally located the transformer,its a 16 volt from the 1950s..the original bell still works he just is getting hard of hearing and would like a louder longer ring bell...i havent got to hd yet to look at different bells,but you guys that have experience with bells,do you think a 16 volt is still a good size transformer to match a new bell up dealing with a 60 year old twist in fuse panel,with 4 circuits running the whole house.. ...i really rather not even mess with the wiring ,im just hoping i can just change the chimes unit...if i have to change the transformer i will,it is located attached to the bottom of the panel..i will pull out the main fuse and hook up new one,but i have a feeling the wires are going to just crumble at the touch..

also if i have to update the transformer,would i have a problem with using the existing wiring...looks like 14 ga supplying power to the transformer and real light ga wire running to the switch and chimes unit...thanks guys for any help...
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The transformer needs to match the voltage requirement ( and the amp requirement) of the new chime you select. 16V is a common doorbell transformer, and would probably be right for any new chime you purchase. But check the chime requirements to be sure.
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thanks 594 for the reply..i was just at lowes and your right 90 percent of the bells sem to be 16 volt...that really surprised me ..i figured it would be out dated thanks again...
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While checking out chimes, take a look at the electronic models. They have a volume control which may, or may not be a help. Probably the loudest is the old fashioned door bell. The longer someone holds in the door button, the longer it rings. It isn't pretty, but is a definite attention getter.
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loud doorbell

I replaced the ordinary doorbell for someone who's hard of hearing. At an electrical supplyhouse, I bought a small commercial unit which is about twice the size of a typical household type and uses 24Vac. This person has had no problem hearing the doorbell since.

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