Wiring chandelier w/o color-coded wires (3-prong)


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Question Wiring chandelier w/o color-coded wires (3-prong)

I am trying to hard-wire a new chandelier (that came with a 3-prong plug). However, the wires of the chandelier are not color-coded or otherwise distinguishable as to what is hot, neutral and ground. How do I tell which is which?
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I can't say as i have ever run into this problem in all 10 years of doing electrical, however...inorder for me to be able to do it, i would make sure to mark the wire in such a way that i could distinguish which wire is which after i cut it (I would probably seperate the wires and then mark them and cut them seperately) Making sure that all wires were distinguishable i woulf then cut the plug off (leaving some wire on the plug end) which you have probably done then i would strip the ends of the wire and test between the wires and plug ends for continuity...after testing continuity b/w the wires and oplug ends you will determine which wire is your ground and neutral and hot. For the record...your ground will be the rounded third prong on the plug...Your neutral will be the larger blade of the plug and the hot will be the smaller of the blades...Hope this helps repost with your findings
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Discribe the type of cord you have on the light. This may give us a clue.
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on rethinking this, this type of light does not normally come with a cord cap (plug) Is this a factory cap, or something the previous owner installed.

I would not trust any wiring that a previous owner installed.
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You WILL need some type of continuity tester to be sure.
If this is a mfgr. cord then we may be able to play the law of averages, and give a pretty confidant answer.
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Use continuity tester to identify which conductor is connected to the center of the bulb socket. Then identify the conductor which is connected to the outer,threaded portion of the bulb socket.
The conductor connected to the center of the bulb socket is the hot. The conductor connected to the threaded, outer portion of the bulb socket is the neutral. Hope this helps.

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