Off topic (Central air conditioner maintenance)


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Off topic (Central air conditioner maintenance)

Since it was a nice day,, I decided to do a bit of preventative maint on my central air,, namely the condensing unit,, after shutting off the power,, i took off the cover plate for the controls and was shocked to find that a nest of mice had got in,,and apparenty had taken up residence there for quite a while,, tons of old wild grape seeds,, cleaned that out and noticed tehy had chewed a bit on the thermostat wire,, repaired that too,, so off came the cendensing fan,, had to be aat least two inches of debris down around the compressor and the coils were covered with plenty of dirt and dust,, hosed all that out ,, put it all back together and i swear it runs much better now,, its not hard to do ,, and it might save you some money in the long run,,, in repair and run cost,, to keep the thread on the electrical side,, I did find a coulple of terminations on the contactor a tad loose, nothing dramatic though,, just thought i would pass this along
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This is the EXACT reason that we shoud preform PREVENTIVE maintanance annually (at the least) on any such equipment.

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I had the mice too a few years back. One of them died in there which made it pretty clear that a need for cleaning existed.

My condenser has a refrigerant heater on the compressor and the nest was right under the compressor in the insulation blanket. Figured the little brats were just enjoying a bit of that heat.

Now, after consulting with the local HVAC company, I turn off the condenser breaker when the cooling season is over. No more mouse nests. I re-energize in the spring at least 24 hours before firing up. I think the manufacturer's guideline is 1 hour for each ounce of R-22, though. Otherwise, they say, you could damage the unit.

I also clean the condenser, evaporator, and the blower box each spring.

Don't forget to blow out your evaporator condensate line after everything else upstream is cleaned and watered.
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Good advice. I sometimes will take a little detergent and a small brush to scrape the scale from the trap, Then rinse, I now ad a 50/50 mix bleach and water and fill the trap, it seems to help the stuff from hardening up over the winter.
This works for heat or cool evap systems (de-humidifiers aswell) if you have 1 forced air system.

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