Network wiring issue


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Network wiring issue

Is this the proper forum to post questions for this topic?
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Probably not. If you want advice on running wires you may get some here, but if it has to do with connecting wires on networking try the computers forum.
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This forum pertains to line-voltage residential electrical questions such as breakers, switches, panels, circuits, etc.

If you are interested in computer networks, check out the Computers forum or the Data Communication forum:

If you have a general question about wiring or about interaction between line voltage and communication wiring, go ahead and ask.
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Since you mentioned it, I'd like some advice on running wires. Any tips/tricks/hints on snaking network cable through walls or from floor to floor?
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You have to find a chase between floors. The most common place to look is alongside the plumbing vent stack. There is usually enough gap to run a piece of CAT5. Other common methods are running up the inside wall of a closet or storage room. If you drill holes between floors, be sure to caulk them shut once the cable is installed. This prevents fire from spreading so quickly.

A general rule when running communication cable is to keep a minimum distance of 1 foot from line voltage cables if running parallel and only cross line voltage cables at right angles.

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