GFI breaker bad?


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GFI breaker bad?

An outside fountain pump runs to a switch/receptical box on an outside wall. In the circuit breaker box is a GFI breaker.

The pump does not work. The receptical works fine. I can not test or rest the GFI breaker at the box.

Does this indicate the breaker is bad?

How big a deal is it to replace a circuit breaker in the main panel?

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If a GFCI breaker will not test then it is either wired wrong or bad.

Replacing a breaker is not difficult, but is probably not a job for an amateur. Getting the RIGHT breaker is sometimes a tricky thing.
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The breaker has been working for about 5 years.

I was just wondering if turning off the main and pulling the panel cover, remove the breaker, install the panel cover, and turn on the main is the correct procedure.
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Fine for 5 years, running a pump? Bad is possable.
If you feel comfortable with the steps you described, Main OFF and then the panel cover off, try this (just remember there are still LIVE EXPOSED parts in this panel)...
Remove the black wire from the breaker... Reinstall the panel cover, Turn on the main. Then reset the GFI inquestion.IE: Off then ON.
If it holds... you have a wire or pump issue.
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I replaced the GFCI breaker today and it tested fine.

My pump would not run so I tested the voltage at the pump and that was good.

I pulled the pump out of the sump and it was shot. The pump over heated and basically melted.

Though the pump is thermally protected, it did seem to matter.

Replace the pump with a spare and things are look good.
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Thanks for posting back Dan. Others may be able to learn from your experience.

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