Increasing Clearance Above a Roof


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Increasing Clearance Above a Roof


I am just about finished the framing stage of my new garage. I am building a 2 car as apposed to my old single car garage. The issue I have is the old garage had about 6ft between the roof and the incoming service line to the house from the pole. When I raised the new trusses the other day, I found out that I now only have 4" (and I still have to put sheathing and shingles on).

What can I do about raising the clearance above my garage back to the 3ft? Am I able to place a support post on the top of my garage roof, basicaly midspan from the pole to my house) to gain my clearance. I am assuming that the min. clearance is 3 ft on a 4/12 roof with a <300 volt service?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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The only way to get this clearance is to raise your mast and weatherhead. Depending upon local building codes, this is probably not a DIY project.

Is it feasible to move the meter and disconnect to the new garage wall to prevent the wire from going over your roof?

You could try talking to your local utility company and see if it is possible to raise their point of attachment at the pole. I doubt they will do this though.

The wire coming over to your mast is the utility company's. I highly doubt they will allow you to attach it to any "support post" you place on your roof.
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You are limited, also, as to how much the incoming can cross the roof span. I found out early in life this fact. We bought a farm with a separately metered barn/shop. The PO wired it ran the mast and everything, but never ran it hot. In the meantime he built onto the front of the structure. When I bought it, I wanted to hook it hot, but had to move the meter base, panel and mast 6' forward so the span would be less than 3' across the roofline.
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From what I gather, I probably will not be able to raise the service. I would only be able to raise it 3' at the house, which would give me 1-1/2" at the garage (it's half way to the pole).

I'm thinking now that I will run the serive to garage, make it 200 amp, then feed the house with the 100, as it currently is. This way I can have some more options for tools & such in the garage. Since I am going to have to put a panel in the garage, do trenching and such, the extra cost to move the service might be the best option.

Thanks for you input,

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Around here you cannot build a structure under the lines. The lines have to be moved or put underground. Is this work being permitted/inspected and legal for your area?

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