GFCI not grounded?


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GFCI not grounded?

I just passed my final wiring inspection...except there was a problem. The tester the inspector was using a tester showing that my GFCI wasn't grounded. He took apart the outlet, looked at everything, said everything was wired correctly and that it must be a faulty GFCI and to buy a new one.

So I bought another one.

The tester is showing that there's still no ground.

This line comes directly from the main panel. I've checked all my connections in there and everything seems good. Still no luck.

Any ideas?
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THE inspector took it apart? And put it back together? No extra (tax) Fee?

Sorry I digress........
Were both tests done with the same tester?
If yes, try another tester.
Is this "Home run" direct to the panel?
No splices anywhere? If this is true it MUST be your connections. Or a bad peice of cable. Did you buy the cable, or did you recycle it?

Do all other recepticals in this dwelling unit check ok for grounds?

If not you have a big problem.
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Yes, he took it apart, and put it back together. Because he too couldn't figure out why the ground wasn't showing. He was very thorough with my inspection. He took things apart, tested every outlet...took about 1/2 hour for one kitchen (and not a big kitchen at that).

The testers are plug testers. They're different only that he owns his, and I own mine -- they're the same type, same brand, etc, etc (I went and bought one after I saw his)

The tests show ground everywhere else in the house -- including other GFCIs.

No splices, no connections...nothing. Very frustrating.

I can tell you -- if I test the wires directly using a volt meter (when they're not connected to the GFCI), if I test the hot to the ground wire, I'm not getting a voltage (my tester only shows 115/220 -- it's not a digital tester).
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If your ground is open then it is either not connected at the other end or broken along the way.

If the other end is connected properly, and the ground is present there, then it looks like you are going to have to replace the cable.

I suppose that it's possible, although unlikely, that the cable was defective out of the box. A more likely explanation is that you damaged the cable while installing it, or while installing something near it (wall, ceiling, etc.)
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Replaced the cable. Took me 2 hours...

But everything is working great now (the ground is fine).

Yes, it was a cable right out of the box. I must've damaged it, I guess.

Thanks for all the help.
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While every receptacle installed should be tested, I'm very impressed with your inspector.

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