240V Switching 1 Phase Only


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Wink 240V Switching 1 Phase Only

I have a waterfall in my back yard that is powered by a one horse motor that is wired for 240 Volts. I would like to install a remote control to turn the waterfall off and on, and I have a remote control switch that is rated for 1500 watts, but alas, it has only one switch contact.

Could I switch only the one phase thru the switch? Thanks for any and all replies!
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Would it work? Yes.
Is it the best way? No.

Anytime you leave open the possibility that a circuit is energized when it appears that it is not then the potential exists for disaster. It would be best to break both legs of the circuit. Probably code now, too.
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Maybe you could use a motor control contactor something like this one.


Use your remote to switch the 125 VAC coil.
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Or just get a 240 volt coil contactor since you already have 240 there and I doubt a neutral. Then use the remote switch to switch the coil of the contactor.
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I think one could install the remote receiver near the motor, along with service a disconnect, and label the remote receiver not a disconnect. (I instaled a single pole 240V water heater timer labelled as such)

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